CSIA Executive conference and AAG Peer Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Annual CSIA Executive conference and AAG Peer Meeting took place May 1-5 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Both events were held under the slogan 'Transform or Die'. According to Gartner's forecast, within the next three years 50% of system integrators will be wiped off the market unless they transform their businesses.

Participants discussed the role and strategy of system integrators in the face of approaching technological revolution, the importance of accurate positioning on vertical markets, focusing on key customers and expansion of business geography.

As usual, much attention was given to the issues of organizational structure optimization, mergers and acquisitions, improvement of metrics, ensuring financial stability, transparency and communications, recruiting and retention of talents.

Speakers emphasized critical importance of improving technical expertise in such fields as IoT, cloud technologies, Big Data, and open standards and systems.

During preliminary negotiations representatives of ExxonMobil and CSIA discussed prospect of collaboration between the CSIA and Open Process Systems and appointed a meeting in the company's headquarters.

Unfortunately, Russia was mentioned only in the context of economic problems.

Africa was represented by five system integrators, which was a pleasant surprise.

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