Assembly and Start-up

Insist Avtomatika carries out the following kinds of assembly, start-up and commissioning works:
  • Commissioning of automation systems, alarm system, telemetry equipment
  • Assembly and start-up of fire alarm and fire-fighting systems
  • Assembly (assembly supervision) of automation systems and alarm systems, electrical installations, equipment
  • Commissioning of power supply automation equipment
  • Commissioning of electrical machinery and electric drives
  • Mounting of outdoor electric networks and power lines

The company has the following resources that are crucial for quality assembly and commissioning works:
  • Certificate of the Self-Regulating Organization permitting assembly and commissioning works including works on extremely hazardous production facilities
  • Qualified personnel (project managers, programmers, setup engineers, instrumentation engineers, instrumentation technicians, assembly technicians)
  • Specialized labor protection service
  • Many years’ experience of carrying out works in regions of the Far North

Experience of collaboration with numerous construction and mounting organizations