Mission and Vision


We see our mission in helping our customers to increase production efficiency and industrial safety of their businesses based on up-to-date control technologies, expertise and knowledge of our personnel.

Our strategic goal is to become a world-class company providing high-quality engineering solutions for different industries and ensuring self-fulfillment and well-being of our employees.

Basic Company Values

  • High Quality of Employees’ Life
Possibilities of creative self-actualization, teamwork, fair salary and good working conditions, professional satisfaction from socially necessary and well-done job.

  • Knowledge, Qualification, Creativity and Discipline
Knowledge and qualification of employees are the main resources of the Company. Creative research, innovation and initiative are essential for finding solutions of complicated engineering problems. Strong organizational management is a key to successful implementation of plans.

  • Professional Responsibility
No circumstance can justify technically unreasonable and potentially dangerous solutions. Professional responsibility must serve as a basis for stable and confidential relationships with clients.

  • Effectiveness, Stability, Collaboration
Decisions made must be in line with the Company’s long-range interests and contribute to the development of mutually beneficial collaboration with clients and partners.

  • Fair Business
We establish ethical relationships with customers and partners. Corruption is an inadmissible way of conducting a business. We defend and observe intellectual property rights. We realize our responsibility towards society and state.