ISA-ENERGY ACCOUNTING is an automated system for supervisory control and technical recording of energy resources. The system is designed to record and control generation, distribution and consumption of electric energy, water, heat, air, steam, gas, and fuel at production enterprises of all industries.

  • The system is built on the basis of hardware and software of leading automation vendors – Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Schneider Electric, Wonderware, Rockwell Automation, OSIsoft and others
  • The system is based on customer’s preferences for software and hardware, existing sensors and condition of service lines
  • The system is implemented on the basis of hardware and software that allow combing supervisory control and technical recording
  • The system is open at all levels, highly reliable, requires certain qualification from staff and has an acceptable ownership cost
  • Configuration of the system including creation of new reports or addition of new objects is performed by trained operating personnel and does not require supplier’s participation
  • The system uses standard components
  • The system supports an ever-expanding set of communication protocols with a wide range of counters


ISA-ENERGY ACCOUNTING is built on the basis of open industrial automation solutions, which were tested many times in industrial environment and meet all requirements for reliability, serviceability and ease of configuration.

ISA-ENERGY ACCOUNTING can be adjusted to customer’s specific needs and fully embodies the concept of modular system design of function blocks.

ISA-ENERGY ACCOUNTING is based on Wonderware System Platform software by Schneider Electric. Work with counters, reports and other special features relating to technical accounting of energy resources is implemented on the basis of Wonderware Corporate Energy Management (CEM) software (Schneider Electric). Wonderware software is installed on supervisor stations, engineering station and server of ISA-ENERGY ACCOUNTING. A standard communication cabinet is based on Siemens PLC. If necessary, and depending on the customer’s preferences the controller can be replaced by equipment of other manufacturers.